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Cellular technologies (low and midband)

Aptus has experience building products with 4G LTE modems and LPWA-type modems. Things like selecting the right antenna and building custom software libraries are our second nature. With the introduction of the low-power LTE standards (NB-IoT/CAT-M1) we were one of the first companies in Belgium to integrate these into our products. For example our High-Five project! This is a case of a low-power RFID reader that uses these low-power cellular technologies. Or check out our second case (MCA) of a cellular tracker that has a globally certified modem with e-sim that allows connection everywhere in the world on 4G CAT1 networks.

Long Range RF (Sub GHz)

It is all around us but seldom recognised how many sub-GHZ wireless applications are running the world. Think of your wireless gate remote or your car keys. Frequencies like 433MHz and 868MHz enable long-range RF with limited power needed. Protocols like LoRa, Sigfox, or proprietary RF implementations are something that we can help any client reach the next level with their products.  

Short Range and Smart Home (2.4Ghz)

WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, ANT, Matter... many words circulate the smart home world. Which one should your product support? What certification is needed and how long will the battery life be? Many questions that we can answer and together we can select the right IoT architecture for your ecosystem of products in the 2.4GHz range.

Check out our QelviQ-case. This is a smart home product that is Bluetooth enabled. Check also our Transduce case, a battery-powered smart home diffusor that is WiFi connected.

Wireless identification and geolocation

RFID or NFC what is the difference? Why are some tags passive and some active? What is UWB and why is it different than BLE? Why does a GPS fix take long and could WiFi geolocation be a better solution? How does 1cm accurate GPS work? Many questions are in the head of companies trying indoor or outdoor asset location systems. The continuous innovation of the wireless market enables use cases that can cheaply locate and find assets. Check out this product (IG-ONE) of a low-power RFID asset tracker that can be used everywhere without power. It's a low-power RFID/UHF/BLE IoT gateway that can be installed independent of power and network infrastructure.

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