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We guide customers from testing and certification to manufacturing tools for high-quality assurance standards.

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Building a product is not only hardware and software. There is lots of testing, logistical stuff, and more that needs to be handled to have a smooth production process and a high-quality output.  At Connectable we have built many Python scripts for automated testing and stress testing. Often we will create a pipeline that will rebuild and retest the whole solution once an update is pushed to the development branch.  This type of development can save the client lots of headaches when new features need to be released to the clients.


Next to product testing and software, we also build test jigs and test scripts to be used in production. These can ease the provisioning process and make sure that everything gets tested automatically before the QA seal is put on the device.  Be sure to use our experience and we will help you set up all you DFM and DFT needs.

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