Connecting the world using IoT

IoT product development

We design multi-layer PCB's, provide RF engineering, custom enclosures, custom cabling and more.

Software engineering

We are experienced in bare-metal, RTOS, low-power software on STM32 and ESP32, Linux-based software  & cloud architectures

Testing & production

We take care of the full manufacturing process to deliver high-quality devices including batteries, casing and cabletrees.

IoT solutions

We offer EdgeFlow, a powerful edge-computing management tool and Digilink, our IoT device lifecycle management solution.

IoT product engineering focus

Compact, custom, wireless electronics

We craft cutting edge IoT-electronics empowering the connected world of tomorrow.


We focus on all the wireless IoT standards in 4 categories.

Cellular, long/short range communication, and wireless identification. We're experienced in using ESP32 and Nordic nRF.

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Low Power

A side effect of the IoT revolution is the need for more efficient ways of power.

We have experience in many battery types and have built several energy-harvesting applications.

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IoT solutions

Manage, integrate, scale

We manage and integrate IoT & Edge devices using our scalable solutions

Digilink: Device lifecycle management

Using Digilink, we offer a solution to easily manage the full device-lifecycle of an IoT product

From device production to end-of-life, Digilink offers full digital logbook.

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Edgeflow: Edge-to-cloud

EdgeFlow is an Edge-to-Cloud solution with several built-in protocol translators.

It offers a flexible, container-based approach with a powerful management tool.

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IoT Services

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