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What we offer.

Green IoT
You want to build an IoT product? You are looking for a reliable and experienced partner that builds custom electronics from A to Z, from PCB to embedded software? You are looking for expertise in low-power electronics, solar-charging, IoT connectivity (Sigfox, LoRa, CATx, NB-IoT, ...)? Look no further! Aptus gladly helps you.
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Green Edge
Aptus offers a standardised Edge to Cloud solution based on different types of edge-devices (vehicular, indoor/outdoor, industrial), optionally combined with (vision) AI-processing. All this supported by scalable Microsoft Azure based data architectures (IoT Edge, IoT Hub, IoT Central).
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Green 4.0
This integrated solution makes it possible to digitise indoor, outdoor and manual processes by connecting technology and software. Think of registration kiosks, automatic weighing, barriers, location determination on a site, occupancy, RFID detection within the business process, 360 digitisation. A lot of possibilities.
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Custom impact-driven projects
With Aptus, we are strongly committed to impact-driven projects and challenges. We know that with our broad expertise we can make the difference for our clients. We are therefore very happy to use this expertise for innovative, tailor-made issues. Dare to challenge us?
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Q-masquerade, Tinder in de fysieke wereld op basis van wetenschappelijk onderbouwde match-making. Een slim masker die jouw gesprekspartner leert kennen en kijkt of jullie matchen. Klein, low-power en slim. Zo hebben we het graag!

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Technology used in a smart way in the world of recreational domains. On the one hand for the smart management of electricity on the campsite and on the other hand for the smart control of the level pumps in the lake.

Sustainable Development Goals

What we do at Aptus is driven by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). They are defined by 17 goals to make the world a better place. We believe that technological innovations can add value to achieve these various goals. Did you know that out of 169 SDG goals, 103 are directly influenced by ICT & technology? Time to take action and go for digital sustainability! 🌳

Sectors where we make the difference.

Sustainable Business
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Sustainable business is our term for the mix of technologies we use to automate (business) processes and make smart machines/devices using IoT, intelligent PLC automation, Vision (AI) and Edge, together with good fundamental software development.

Digitally transforming organisations in a sustainable way to create an impact. That's how you can call it. We do this for different sectors. Just think of "Industry 4.0, Smart Logistics, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Port, Automotive, Smart Utilities".

In a simple way explained, we will use technology to detect various things. We will use cameras, sensors, gateways, PLCs, kiosks. For this purpose we have a strategic partnership with Nedap and Phoenix Contact. Of course, we also connect to existing infrastructure such as weigh-bridges. In addition, we are able to control things locally (barriers, lighting) and this with full management in the cloud via Microsoft Azure. In addition, we also provide applicative (web) software to present all the insights needed.
Sustainable Smart City
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A Smart City, the smart city of the future. There are a lot of possibilities. That's why Aptus positions itself as a trusted advisor. Think of us as a partner that local governments can count on. A partner that guides the process from idea to technical realisation and follow-up.

A smart city is a place where different technological solutions come together to improve the lives of residents. Sustainability is an important driver for most smart cities. You quickly come to the term "SDG" (Sustainable Development Goals) which contains seventeen goals to make the world a better place by 2030. As Aptus, we strongly believe that technological innovations can add value to achieve these different goals.

We have tons of experience with our own products (High-Five and MobiCount) but also know what the market has to offer.
Sustainable Healthcare
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Our care system is under pressure and needs new insights. Technological evolution can help to automate operations and redefine services. Care professions and tasks are being given a new interpretation, the care organisation of the future is being given a new assignment.

How do we look at the digital care of the future? We see a two-pronged answer. On the one hand, technological innovation can provide great added value in terms of healthcare organisation (efficiency, patient flow, etc.), but on the other hand, we also need to pay sufficient attention to the human side of healthcare.

Just think of the trends surrounding the shift from reactive care to proactive care. Making sure you stay healthy instead of being cured. But also the longer independent living at home (AAL). Technology can play an important role in any of these areas. As long as tech & touch go hand in hand!

It's all about shaping sustainable, outcomes-driven healthcare.

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