Edge to cloud redefined, a fresh approach to seamlessly linking Edge Devices and the Cloud


EdgeFlow has different protocol connectors which can be enabled on the edge.

A few examples

  • OPC-UA/Siemens PLC
  • GPS
  • RFID
  • Camera
  • Energy


We transform the protocol data, on the edge device, to an identity on behalf of the downstream devices.

Our edge devices are Linux-based devices running the Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Agent.


All edge devices are managed in a fleet using our powerful management-tool. We use a config-driven approach allowing all flexibility required in different settings.

What we offer

  • Device templates
  • Protocol datasheets
  • Timeseries data storage
  • Grafana reporting (with SSO)
  • Open API

What's the product?


Containerized Edge Modules are self-contained software packages that encapsulate specific functionalities, allowing them to run independently on edge devices.

These modules are designed to be highly portable, making it easier to deploy, manage, and scale applications at the edge.

By utilizing containerization technology, we ensure that EdgeFlow's modules are efficient, secure, and modular, providing the flexibility to adapt to various edge computing needs.

Protocol translation

Our Protocol & Identity Translation module serves as a powerful bridge between edge devices and the cloud. It seamlessly translates the protocols of downstream devices, granting them individual identities in the cloud environment.

This transformation enables downstream devices to emerge in the cloud as full-fledged entities with twins and methods, making it possible to interact directly with them.

Different environments

We understand that every environment is unique. That's why we offer a diverse range of specialised edge devices tailored for specific settings, including indoor, outdoor, automotive, and industrial environments.

Our comprehensive lineup ensures that no matter where your operations take place, you'll have the right edge device equipped to seamlessly capture and manage data, providing optimal performance and reliability in any context.

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