Software engineering

We are experienced in bare-metal, RTOS,  low-power software development and cloud architectures

What we do

Embedded software

At Connectable one of our key fields of expertise is embedded software.
From bare metal code to complex RTOS structured programs we have used many different MCU architectures and software SDK's.  Because of our IoT focus we have great knowledge of the STM32 ecosystem, espresif systems, SPIDF , and all the tooling from Nordic Semiconductor.

Software libraries

After years of developing IoT products, we have built our own software libraries for complex features that we can reuse in new products. Features like OTA updates and secure boot. Offline storage when the network is unavailable. And many more. Contact us for our software services.

Cloud architectures

At Aptus, we harness the full potential of Microsoft Azure to deliver robust and scalable cloud architectures. Specialising in Azure IoT Edge and Azure IoT Hub, we empower your IoT devices with seamless cloud integration, enabling smarter decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency. Our expertise in Azure solutions ensures that your data flows securely and efficiently from edge to cloud, optimizing your IoT ecosystem for the future.

Showing by doing

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