A digital device lifecycle platform for smart and connected devices, from production to end-of-life.

Production & testing

An automated solution designed to ensure your smart devices meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Streamline your production with efficient testing that detects defects in real-time, reducing costs and speeding up time-to-market.


Designed to manage and optimize devices from deployment to retirement. This module ensures continuous performance improvement through firmware updates, real-time monitoring, and usage analytics, extending device longevity and efficiency.  The Digilink Lifecycle Module is your key to sustainable device management and enhanced user experience.

Ticketing & support

This module provides an intuitive platform for efficient ticket management, automated troubleshooting, and direct feedback collection, ensuring swift and effective support. With real-time insights and analytics, anticipate customer needs and improve service continuously. Transform your support system into a pillar of customer loyalty with Digilink.

What's the product?

Digilink Testing Module

Our Testing Module streamlines your smart device production with advanced automated testing, ensuring each product meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Key features include:

  • Efficient Automated Testing: Speed up production with rigorous, automated tests that ensure quality and reliability.
  • Real-Time Diagnostics: Quickly identify and correct defects to maintain production schedules and reduce costs.
  • Compatibility Checks: Ensure seamless operation with various networks and platforms, enhancing user satisfaction.

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