IoT Product development

We design multi-layer PCB's, provide RF engineering, custom enclosures, custom cabling and more.

PCB Design

We can quickly build a first board layout with our own component libraries. Impedance tracing and different antenna solutions are our strong suit.  

We mainly use KiCAD as EDA.

Custom plastic and aluminum housings

We have multiple vendors of standard housings that we can tailor to our specific needs. We can provide all the 3D work an validate the step files with our 3D printer or within the 3D view of Altium designer.

Custom cabling

Most IoT products need custom cabling inside the housing. Like connecting the PCB to a power connector, custom antenna cable length, and expansion IO with a custom connector. We have partners in china that can make us cables in any color and size from the crimp to soldering and assembly in high volumes.

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