Low-power Identification Gateway for passive/active tag identification

About the product


The IG-ONE+ is a high-end low-power BLE/RFID reader for long and short-distance identification. Based on passive UHF technology we can detect EPC Gen 2 tags up to 10 meters. With BLE the IG-ONE+ can detect active tags up to 100 meters in an open environment. Due to the internal 15AH battery pack, the IG-ONE+ can be installed independently of power supply needs.

A 6V solar input ensures easy installation and supports heavy industrial environments. Due to a standard 4G LTE modem, the IG-ONE+ can connect to the cloud with no additional network infrastructure needed.

With the provided Aptus Connect license there is a data subscription to ensure 4G coverage and a stable cloud connection.

Key features

  • Easily installed IoT gateway for identification
  • Supports active BLE beacons/tags
  • Supports passive UHF tags (EPC Gen 2) via the trigger input
  • Integrated 13.56MHz RFID/NFC reader with capacitive tag detection
  • Cloud connection via 4G LTE CAT1
  • Powerful internal 15AH battery pack
  • Optional 6V solar panel input

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