Low Power

Low power consumption is one of the key benefactors of massive IoT

What we do


The use of batteries can make your product way cheaper but be aware of the pitfalls. Connectable has extended experience in selecting the right battery for your product. We make the exercise and go over all the options possible with the client. Price is also important and we have partners in Europe and China that can supply the necessary cells.

Energy harvesting

Energy harvesting projects are something we like to o do. We have built custom low-voltage solar panels. We have integrated RF harvesting with passive RFID tags. And many more. Let's harvest some ideas together to make your IoT project hit that next sustainable level.


Who says your battery-powered IoT product can't have a display? We worked before with e-ink displays and other types of low-power indications. Ynvisible displays even are so low power that you can just power them with the GPIO of your MCU.

Showing by doing

Let's be inspired by some of the work we're proud of.

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