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Watch energy harvester (TEG x E-Peas)

E-peas, Thermoelectric generator (TEG), Energy harvesting

For a customer, we developed a groundbreaking energy harvesting solution for a sustainable wristwatch. Leveraging innovative technology, we harnessed the power of body heat to power the watch, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Our customer approached us with a unique vision: to create a wristwatch that generates energy from the heat emitted by the wearer's wrist. The goal was to reduce reliance on traditional battery power and embrace sustainable energy sources. We eagerly accepted the challenge, working closely with our customer to bring their vision to life.

Key Features of the Energy Harvesting Solution:

  1. Thermoelectric Generator (TEG):We engineered a thermoelectric generator (TEG) that utilises the temperature difference between the wearer's wrist and the surrounding environment to generate electrical energy. By harnessing this heat energy, we transformed it into usable power for the wristwatch, eliminating the need for conventional batteries.
  2. E-peas Chip:To efficiently convert the harvested thermal energy into usable electrical power, we integrated the E-peas chip. This advanced energy management solution optimizes the conversion process, maximising the power output from the TEG and ensuring a sustainable and reliable energy source for the wristwatch.
  3. Sustainable Power Source:By utilising the heat emitted from the wearer's wrist, the sustainable wristwatch operates as a self-powered device, reducing the environmental impact associated with disposable batteries and minimising the need for frequent charging. It provides an eco-friendly and convenient solution for users.

Our collaboration was marked by technical excellence and a shared commitment to sustainability. We worked closely to develop and refine the energy harvesting solution, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and user experience.

The result is a groundbreaking wristwatch that exemplifies sustainability in action. By harnessing the wearer's body heat through the thermoelectric generator, the watch operates as a self-sustaining device. This innovative solution not only reduces reliance on traditional power sources but also contributes to the preservation of the environment.

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