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Medical Controller

Global LTE modem - WiFi geolocation - Riverdi Display - STM32L4 powered

We had the pleasure of partnering with Medic Clean Air (MCA), a leading specialist in mobile air purification and the creation of rapid-response isolation rooms. Together, we developed a cutting-edge connected controlling board that revolutionizes the monitoring and control of critical parameters in real-time.

MCA approached us with a clear vision: to enhance their air purification units and isolation rooms by integrating advanced connectivity and control capabilities. Their goal was to provide healthcare facilities and organisations with the ability to rapidly deploy and maintain isolation spaces while ensuring optimal air quality.

Our collaboration with MCA encompassed a range of key contributions, each tailored to meet their unique requirements. Here's an overview of the solutions we engineered:

  1. Global LTE Modem:We integrated a powerful global LTE modem, enabling seamless connectivity for MCA's air purification units and isolation rooms. This connectivity ensures real-time data transmission of critical parameters, allowing healthcare professionals to monitor and manage air quality and room conditions from anywhere, at any time.
  2. WiFi Geolocation:Through WiFi geolocation technology, we provided MCA with the ability to track and locate their air purification units and isolation rooms accurately. This feature enhances efficiency, simplifies maintenance, and enables quick response times in emergency situations.
  3. Riverdi Display:To enhance the user experience and facilitate intuitive control, we engineered a high-quality Riverdi display. This display system provides a clear, user-friendly interface, allowing healthcare professionals to easily monitor and adjust settings for optimal air purification and isolation room conditions.
  4. STM32L4 Powered:Powering the connected controlling board is the STM32L4 microcontroller, renowned for its low power consumption and high-performance capabilities. Leveraging this technology, we ensured the efficiency, reliability, and responsiveness required for critical parameter monitoring and control.

Our collaboration with MCA extended beyond technical expertise. We worked closely with their team to understand their specific needs and challenges, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions that seamlessly integrated into their air purification and isolation room systems. The result is a game-changing connected controlling board that empowers healthcare facilities to maintain clean air environments and rapidly respond to isolation requirements.

With our innovative technology and MCA's industry expertise, we are setting new standards in air purification and isolation solutions. Together, we are redefining the way healthcare facilities approach critical parameter control and room management.

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