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Low-power RFID reader

NB-IoT/CAT-M1, ST25 RFID transceiver, Lithium Ion/Polymer/Thionyl, Solar charging circuit, STM32L0 powered

We had the privilege of partnering with High-Five, an innovative company dedicated to promoting positive behavior among children. Together, we developed a breakthrough solution—an NFC-based system that leverages battery-powered technology to register and reward children's actions in a fun and interactive way.

High-Five approached us with a visionary idea: to create an engaging system that encourages children to demonstrate positive behavior while traveling to school. Their concept involved NFC wristbands and smart poles installed along the route to school, creating a unique interaction opportunity for children.

Our collaboration with High-Five involved not only technical expertise but also a deep understanding of their mission to motivate and reward children for their good actions. Here's an overview of our collaboration and the key elements we implemented:

  1. Battery-Powered NFC Innovation:We developed a battery-powered NFC reader embedded within smart poles installed along the route to school. Children wearing NFC wristbands can "high-five" these smart poles, instantly registering their presence and positive actions. The battery-powered design ensures portability and eliminates the need for external power sources, making the system efficient and flexible.
  2. Behavior Registration and Rewards:Using the NFC wristbands and smart poles, the system accurately records children's actions and behavior. When a child scans their wristband on the smart pole, their positive action is logged and rewarded with points. These points can be accumulated and exchanged for exciting prizes, fostering a sense of achievement and encouraging continued positive behavior.
  3. Seamless Connectivity and Data Analysis:Through the power of IoT and cloud connectivity, the system seamlessly transmits the registered behavior data to a centralized platform. High-Five can then analyze the data, gain insights into children's behavior patterns, and further enhance the effectiveness of their positive behavior promotion initiatives.

Our collaboration with High-Five was characterized by a shared commitment to empowering children, promoting positive actions, and fostering a safe and engaging environment. We worked closely together to understand their unique vision, develop custom NFC wristbands, design the smart pole infrastructure, and ensure seamless integration of the battery-powered NFC technology.

The result is an innovative and interactive system that not only rewards positive behavior but also instills a sense of pride, motivation, and community among children. With High-Five's solution, children learn valuable life skills while enjoying the journey to school.

Our partnership with High-Five showcases the transformative power of technology when used as a means to drive positive change. Together, we are shaping a future where children are motivated, celebrated, and encouraged to make a difference.

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