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E-paper energy harvesting

E-paper energy harvesting development board

We partnered with a valued customer, in engineering an extraordinary development board. This cutting-edge board showcases our commitment to innovation, combining advanced technologies such as e-paper display, flex NFC antenna, and energy harvesting to revolutionise dynamic information presentation.

Key Features and Innovations of the Development Board:

  1. E-Paper Display:The development board is equipped with an e-paper display, offering a low-power, high-contrast, and easy-to-read visual experience. This display technology provides exceptional readability even in bright lighting conditions and ensures a paper-like viewing experience.
  2. Flex NFC Antenna as Dynamic Tag:The inclusion of a flex NFC antenna on the development board allows it to act as a dynamic tag. This innovative feature enables interactive information exchange, unlocking possibilities for real-time data updates and enhanced user experiences.
  3. Energy Harvesting via NFC Antenna:The development board harnesses energy through the flex NFC antenna, capturing the energy from NFC field interactions. This harvested energy is then stored in a battery for powering various functionalities, including e-paper display refresh and wireless communication.
  4. Printed E-Paper Display:To further enhance the visual experience, the board integrates an Ynvisible display, a printed e-paper technology that enables flexible and customizable information presentation. This innovation adds a layer of versatility and uniqueness to the development board.
  5. Power Circuit and ST32 Chip for E-Paper Control:The board features a dedicated power circuit and an STM32 chip for efficient control of the e-paper display. This combination ensures optimal power management and precise control over the display refresh rates, offering a seamless and energy-efficient user experience.
  6. Laird Bluetooth Module:Enabling seamless wireless communication, the development board incorporates a Laird Bluetooth module. This module enables the transmission of Bluetooth messages, facilitating connectivity with other devices and expanding the board's capabilities.
  7. Solar Charger and Energy Efficiency:With the availability of a solar charger, the development board becomes self-sustainable, leveraging renewable energy sources to power its functionalities. This focus on energy efficiency and sustainability aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship.
  8. Tap Detection and Accelerometer:Enhancing user interactivity, the development board is equipped with tap detection and an accelerometer. These features enable gesture-based controls and interaction, opening up possibilities for intuitive user interfaces and enhanced usability.

Our collaboration with the undisclosed customer epitomizes our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and embracing emerging technologies. Together, we developed an exceptional development board that harnesses the power of e-paper display, NFC technology, and energy harvesting, paving the way for dynamic and sustainable information presentation.

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