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Battery powered UHF-RFID reader

UHF-RFID, battery powered, NFC, BLE, STM32

Connectable developed an exceptional UHF-RFID reader that takes connectivity and power challenges out of the equation. This cutting-edge device combines advanced technology, low-power operation, and trigger-based functionality to revolutionise UHF-RFID solutions.

Challenge: Connectivity and PowerExisting UHF-RFID solutions often face complexities in achieving reliable connectivity and efficient power management. We aimed to overcome these challenges, providing a seamless and energy-efficient UHF-RFID reader solution.

Key Features and Innovations:

  1. ST32-L4 MCU: The device is powered by an ST32-L4 MCU, featuring a low-power ARM Cortex-M4 core operating at 120MHz with 2MB flash memory. This combination ensures efficient processing capabilities while optimizing power consumption. The integrated USB-OTG functionality allows the device to act as mass storage, enhancing data management flexibility.
  2. Ultra-Low Power Consumption: The ST32-L4 boasts an impressive shutdown current of only 33 microamperes, maximising power efficiency and enabling prolonged battery life.
  3. Quectel G-Series Modem: For reliable wireless connectivity, the device utilizes the G-Series modem from Quectel. It supports CAT1 and LTE-M technologies, providing versatile connectivity options. The chosen BG-95 module offers LTE-M and NB-IOT connectivity with fallback options for 3G and 2G networks.
  4. Active GPS and LTE Antennas: The device integrates an active GPS antenna, enabling precise geolocation capabilities. Additionally, it features two LTE antennas with 2x2 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) configuration, ensuring robust wireless connectivity.
  5. Nordic NRF52832 Bluetooth Module: To enable seamless wireless communication, the device incorporates the Nordic NRF52832 Bluetooth module. This versatile module supports GATT server functionality and BLE advertising, providing flexible communication options. The device can utilize both integrated and external Bluetooth antennas, ensuring optimal signal strength and range.
  6. ST25 NFC Chipset and Zebra RE40 UHF-RFID Module: For NFC functionality, the device utilizes the ST25 range chipset, enabling secure and efficient NFC communication. The UHF-RFID capabilities are powered by the Zebra RE40 module with SMA interface, delivering reliable and high-performance UHF-RFID reading.
  7. Power System and Input Options: The device features a robust power system capable of accepting either a 24V DC input with a regulator or a solar input. It incorporates self-detection functionality, eliminating the need for manual jumper configuration. The system ensures uninterrupted power supply, facilitating reliable operation in diverse environments.
  8. Trigger Inputs and Expandability: With two trigger inputs, the device offers enhanced user interactivity and flexibility. It also includes a 4-channel ADC for precise analog measurements. The presence of an 8-pin connector allows for expansion board integration, enabling custom engineering to cater to specific application requirements.
  9. Storage Capacity and Data Management: The UHF-RFID reader provides ample storage options with support for an SD card of up to 2GB and a 4MB internal flash memory. This enables efficient data logging and storage, ensuring seamless operation even in data-intensive applications.

Our engineering has resulted in a groundbreaking UHF-RFID reader that pushes the boundaries of connectivity, power efficiency, and functionality. This state-of-the-art device empowers industries to streamline operations, enhance asset tracking, and optimize workflow efficiency.