How do we make your IoT dreams come true?

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What we connect.

Processes & Environments

In concrete terms, this means that technology is installed in the environment and sensors collect information about the environment, the machines and processes. We mainly use edge-computing to centralise the data.This data is sent to the cloud and made visual by means of a dashboard.

As a result, the end user gains insights and is able to make data-driven decisions. All of this is triggered through real-time rather than historic data.

Aptus is your partner in the digitisation of processes and environments.
At Aptus, we make public and private ‘environments’ smarter through the implementation of IoT, Edge-computing and AI.

Industrie 4.0 (processes)  
Aptus builds smart flows within industrial environments (Industrial IoT or IIoT) with which we digitise the various processes (logistics, production, etc.) and make them smarter with IoT technology. The emphasis in this lies on the integration of the data and facilitating the accessibility of all this data at the right point in time for right user.

Smart cities & environmental sensing
In this case, IoT is deployed to collect environmental data (e.g. data in relation to traffic, air quality, human mobility in cities). Battery-powered sensors are generally installed to collect this environmental information and forward it to the cloud.

We collect environmental data through the deployment of sensors, gateways, cameras and other types of smart technology. 

We connect the physical and the digital world, i.e. by digitising the physical world through IoT, in which use is made of various IoT communication technologies. 

We ensure that all equipment and all data are properly aligned to enable the right data and real-time driven decisions to be made.  

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