How do we make your IoT dreams come true?

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What we connect.

Machines & Products

One of the three domains in which Aptus distinguishes itself through its IoT services is machines and products.

We have noticed a growing demand among manufacturing companies for ways to make their production processes, products or machines smarter. IoT ensures that these devices are connected and able to share information with the outside world.  

Collecting data with IoT  
A diversity of data can be collected through IoT, such as user information for a device or machine, insight into its use, data about filters, wear and tear, and so on. In brief: data about a product and its specific purpose.  

●     Proactive monitoring of devices and machines
●     Measuring and understanding performance
●     Remote software updates  

For what is this IoT data used?  

The most important question is this: what do you, as a company, do with this IoT data? We distinguish between the following segments: 

Premium hardware revenue
Companies invest in a premium product that is fully connected and target a niche market with this. A concrete example of this is the Qelviq smart wine cooler, for which Aptus developed the connected hardware as well as the software.  

Extracting value from data
Companies want to gain more insight into how their machines or products are used (as well as other insights) through the application of smart data. Insights such as these are of inestimable value for their R&D.  

Sale of data
Companies that collect a lot of user data can sell this to third parties.

Predictive maintenance-model
In this model, customers do not buy a product. Instead,they pay a recurrent fee for the use of a product and to receive support forthis (through smart data).   

How can Aptus be of service to you?
●      Custom IoT hardware
●      Expansion of existing products with IoT
●      Enhancing existing products with IoT gateways

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