In addition to project work for our customers, Aptus has also developed a few spin-offs. They each offer a solution for a particular market opportunity.

For example, we have High-Five that focuses on sustainable travel and MobiCount that focuses on offering "open" mobility data. The HeatDisplay, on the other hand, was created as a Corona solution.

Our spin-offs


High-Five is a solution that uses 3 specific ingredients to stimulate children to move to school in a sustainable, healthy and safe way. We use technology, link this with gamification techniques and feed that with the enthusiasm of our community manager.

Children who go to school get a bracelet with an NFC-chip. They can do a physical High-Five on a High-Five module or pole on their way to school. Children who come by bike get a bicycle tag that is automatically registered when they enter the bike shed. Steps or stairs are equivalent to coins that can be exchanged individually for a reward or that count towards the group challenges.

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Measuring is knowing, also in the case of mobility this is very important. MobiCount is a product range that makes use of different types of technology that ensures that insights into mobility flows become visible.

MobiCount exists in 3 technology variants. On the one hand there is the "radar", which will count vehicles, determine the direction as well as the speed and type of vehicle. The "vision" variant, on the other hand, uses smart AI algorithms that translate camera images on the edge (i.e. at the camera itself) into insights. Think of the monitoring of an intersection, a level crossing, ... Finally, there is the "magnetic sensor" which is attached to the ground. This will count and classify vehicles.

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We strongly believe that sustainable habits are the foundation to a balanced life and a connected society.

This belief led us to build a proven psychological framework to nudge people towards sustainable habits supported by smart technology. By increasing fun-factor and rewarding certain decisions, we encourage people to adopt a healthy behaviour by free will.

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