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IoT Software

At Aptus, we do software on all levels of the IoT-chain. We're a trusted Microsoft Azure IoT partner where we use different edge or cloud native solutions from Microsoft to be used at our customers.

We have engineered a powerful Edge-framework allowing us to gather local data from different communication-protocols, process it, optionally do some AI and transport it to the Azure cloud. On that level, we have everything in place to manage IoT devices like provisioning, OTA (Over-The-Air updates) but also storage and rough data insights. This data can be used for IoT applications on both web and mobile applications.

Edge software

Edge computing, as its name suggests, refers to data processing that's done at the edge of a network, near the source of the data. Edge computing is running on an edge device and also known as a gateways device.

This gateway is basically a small computer (mostly running Linux) who has several inputs to capture data from other devices or systems like a CAN-bus, Modbus, OPC-UA, RS485, .. That gateway is than capable of transforming this data into valuable information using processing techniques (hot and cold-path streaming), it provides offline storage, can do AI and machine learning and ultimately send information to the cloud via 4G, WiFi, LAN or another system.

We use Azure IoT Edge to do just that. The power of IoT Edge is the fully-remote manageability from the cloud.

IoT cloud architectures

On Microsoft Azure, we have built several scalable Azure IoT architectures which are capable of managing your IoT devices and process their data-flow. We packaged our experience in the Aptus Connect framework.

IoT Applications

We build IoT applications for both our customers (B2B) and the end-users of our customers (B2C). Looking for an IoT web application or a mobile application with focus on UI/UX and performance? Let's get in touch!

We're experienced in software for the full IoT-stack

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