How do we make your IoT dreams come true?

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What we do?


what we do



We listen to your needs & challenge your IoT projects

IoT connects the physical with the digital world. An IoT solution consists of numerous components.

There are the devices and sensors that generate data, possibly with local processing, before the data are send to the cloud using a communication network. In the final step, the data are made visual and easy to understand.

As you can see, there are many different aspects that need to be considered. It's Aptus’ task to guide customers through this process.

With our IoT Advisory, we not only advise our customers about technology, but also about business. We use our Service Design methodology to provide the customer with insight into the business case using a process-based approach. We think about the value of an IoT solution.

What problems are we solving? And more importantly: what opportunities can be revealed? Another important aspect of this process is devising and drafting a data strategy. IoT generates lots of data that are not always so relevant in the short term.  

Advising and challenging business cases to create value for our customers at the right moment.  


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