Smart City.

A Smart City, the smart city of the future. There are so many possibilities. That's why Aptus positions itself as a trusted advisor. Think of us as a partner that local governments can count on. A partner that guides the process from idea to technical realisation and follow-up.

We have tons of experience with our own products (High-Five and MobiCount) but also know what the market has to offer.

Any local government can become smart

More cyclists

The more cyclists there are on the streets, the smaller the risk of accidents with cars. This is one of the striking conclusions of a new research of Ghent University. A clear opportunity.

Less search traffic

Smart technology can give you real-time insight into the mobility picture. Based on this, vehicles can be guided dynamically through the city in search of other free parking spaces.

Better waste management

You know them, the overflowing garbage cans. Technology can provide real-time insights and ensure that collections are carried out efficiently. No more unnecessary movements for bins that are not full.

More athletes

A smart city with vital citizens. What if smart technology can help get citizens moving? Combining gamification and technology to provide them with sporting challenges.

Healthier living environment

Air quality, particle matter, ... there's something to be said about it. Technology makes it perfectly possible to obtain this information very finely meshed. Couple that with mobility data and you get insights into the health of the living environment.

Safer (school) environments

Safe environments with fewer vehicles. An important pillar in various multi-year plans of cities and towns. Different technological possibilities exist to tackle this problem.

How do we do it?


Based on the multi-year plan or relevant challenges, we help you think about what the added value of technology can be. Are we looking for a specific solution or a Smart City platform? Looking for the right technology? We got you covered!

We can do this in different ways. Feel free to contact us to put your heads together.


That's where our strength lies. The Aptus team is able to offer different solutions and set them up completely. We do the installation of technology, the connection, possible integrations, support afterwards.

Our goal is to offer local governments the tools that are relevant to them. The value of these tools lies in the data and the way it is cleverly combined.


Building a smart city does not stop after implementing one solution. With Aptus we want to guide cities and municipalities in the long term through the technological (re)evolution and find it very challenging to be challenged in it.

Our market knowledge enables us to draw up the right long-term visions that are in line with the strategic policy.

Want to become a Smart City too? Let's have a chat!

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are seventeen goals to make the world a better place by 2030. We at Aptus believe that technological innovations can add value to achieve these various goals. If we take a closer look at our High-Five solution, we see that this is an initiative that includes 4 SDGs. A sustainable smart city. Something we all dream about, right?

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