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A smart "data-processing" environment offers real-time insights to Vyncke and the end customer.

Case: Vyncke

VYNCKE is a 4th generation family business, founded in 1912 by Louis Vyncke. With roots in Flanders, today this global business is organized locally with over 370 Vynckeneers spread across 10 settlements. Today we have over 4,300 references worldwide. The Vynckeneers engineer and build industrial energy plants that convert biomass and industrial waste into clean energy. The thermal energy ranges from 1-100 MWth and electrical power from 1-20 MWe. The energy created either comes individually or in any combination of steam, hot water, thermal oil and hot gas… with or without electrical power generation.

Together with Vyncke, we looked for a way to make these installations smarter. The intention was to use the large amount of data generated by numerous sensors to be able to do analysis. There are quickly 2500 variables present in a biomass installation, these sensors transmit data every 10 seconds. With an installation with 2500 variables we already have 900,000 data points in 1 hour. But what do we do with this data?

The role of Aptus 

We developed a platform - used Microsoft Azure - where we visualise the different parameters at one central point. We also provided the possibility to take reports of each sensor of a machine. You can then compare these with others. The intention is to follow-up on the different data quickly and clearly. We have provided a logbook to display the alarms in one convenient place. There is also the possibility to add extra notes. We wanted to visualize a large amount of data in a clear platform. A lot of thought was given to make this platform as user-friendly as possible.

Used Technology 

  • Microsoft Azure 
  • ReactJS
  • TSI
  • Azure functions

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