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Jan Yperman Ziekenhuis 

The hospital wants to trace patients when they are in the building so the medical teams can follow up

Smart patient flow monitoring

The Jan Yperman hospital at Yper is a modern, high-tech hospital with 532 beds. 1,300 employees and 130 doctors give it their best every day for their patients. The scale of the hospital makes it possible to offer specialised care at the highest level while remaining warm, human and well-organized.

Tracing patients in the hospital 

The goal of the project is to develop software as a bridge between the location-based service of Blyott and the Mirth Connect healthcare integration service of the hospital.

That way, the hospital can link a smart “tag/bracelet” (using a web application) to a patient and assign it to a visit ID. This allows the hospital to trace a patient in the hospital.


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Location & patient linker

A web-based tool, linked to an NFC-reader which links an NFC-ID from a Blyott BLE-tag to a patient and a visit ID. This information is securely stored for temporary usage in the engine and is then released after the tag has been returned.

Patient flow monitoring

A cloud engine that is capable of receiving information from the Blyott RTLS system (Blyott API) which contains tag ID and location parameters. The engine merges this with the patient and visit IDs and publishes this to the Mirth Connect platform.

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