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We helped HyTEPS with the digitalisation of their measuring system so they can collect and visualise their data in a more efficient way


HyTEPS is a dutch company specializing in power monitoring. They provide products and services that optimize voltage and power quality. This prevents problems within electrical installations, reduces risks, improves efficiency, and guarantees safety.

They carry out measurements to see if there are any malfunctions and try to find out what the cause is. With this information, they could make a plan of action and start to solve the problems. 

Initially, they manually did this whole process by checking the data on every measuring device. 


HyTEPS asked Aptus to build a tool so they could collect and visualize the data more efficiently. This technology ensures that they can work proactively and intervene in advance. 

What did we build? 

Aptus build a tool based on the edge architecture

Used Technologies: 

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Edge PC technology for reading out the measuring devices 
  • Modbus protocol 
  • Sending data from the edge to the cloud 
  • Data visualization in Grafana 

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