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Galloo Recycling

Galloo Recyling wanted to make their logistical flow smarter


Galloo was founded in 1939 and is a recycling company that is one of the most important recycling companies of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in Western Europe. It has branches in Belgium, France, and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and is a fixture in this sector. Galloo is committed to recycling in an ecological way. For example, they convert waste products into secondary raw materials.


Until recently, Galloo's logistical process at Galloo was entirely manual. This was accompanied by many accompanying offline documents. It was the ideal time moment to digitize this process.


We were presented with Galloo's entire logistical flow. We set to work on digitizing and automating this as much as possible.

How did we do this?

There are piles on the Galloo site. The piles have a certain kind of waste. The truck driver who enters the site first drives over the scales. Then he gets receives a weigh ticket at the front desk. With the receipt, he drives onto the site and has his receipt scanned by the authorized wheel loader driver. 

Thanks to a PWA we developed, the wheel loader driver knows where the load may be placed. The location of the stack is also stored, so the wheel loader driver has an overview of all loads and can keep an eye on them.

We have also set up an administration area. There you will find an overview of all contracts (= agreements with suppliers). All stacks are also clearly displayed here. For each batch, several interesting data are displayed. For example, the weight, the processing status, where it is located on the site, and what material it is.


Not only do you know where each stack is located. For that, we provide a sturdy GPS tag that can take a beating. This tag is attached to a stand near the stacks. When a new stack is added, the wheel loader operator scans the stack and adds some relevant information. He can then observe the label on his floor plan and add new loads.

Used Technologies 

  • LoRa netwerk
  • GPS
  • ReactJS
  • PWA
  • Rugged handheld

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