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Can Colruyt gain insight into the time customers spend in-store?


Colruyt was looking for technology to improve their customer experience and, in particular, a way to measure and record the shopping times of their customers. Customers arrive at a Colruyt store. How long do they use the Colruyt environment? When do they arrive and when do they leave? What data can Colruyt generate from this? 

The role of Aptus

There are many different technologies and methods for measuring and reporting on these data. Aptus started an analysis process whichtested the feasibility of certain technologies at Colruyt. In addition, Aptus looked at the scalability relative to the costs and accuracy


From the analysis, the following two questions arose:

  • Can Colruyt receive a notification when a customer drives into the car park? Previous research revealed that vehicle recognition would be required. Due to privacy reasons, the actual identity of customers cannot be recorded. 
  • Can Colruyt gain insight into the time customers spend in-store? Different technologies are used for this, such as ANPR cameras and AI applied to camera images. 

With these data, the customer gains greater insight into their operations and can proactively adapt their services to the needs of their customers. 

  • Camera with edge computing. Counting people using a virtual line on the image 
  • AI gateway installed in the store. To count the images + an AI Box 
  • ANPR Camera 

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