DFM & Testing

Test, test, test! Test! Continue to test! Working with your designer to maximize the pcb design's manufacturability, test accessibility, and test coverage is called Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Testing (DfT). This contains suggestions for the most effective test strategy. We can assure you the finest delivery quality thanks to DfM and DfT.

Testing is widely acknowledged as crucial, if not critical, to the success of any product introduction. Despite this common understanding, many people regard testing as a one-time event rather than a continuous process in the development process. Design verification testing and production testing are the two types of testing.

The term "design verification testing" refers to the process of putting a design to the test. If you want to establish that your product can do/achieve X, you'll need to execute a design verification test. A modest number of successful tests can demonstrate a successful design because design is the final restriction for a product's performance.

Production testing ensures that every manufactured product has been correctly manufactured and continues to meet the design objective. Because thousands, if not millions, of a single product must be created, production testing necessitates a substantially larger number of tests.