Artificial intelligence

At Aptus, we are working to develop innovative solutions to improve the operational efficiency of our customers, both in the public and in the private sector. This translates in reducing the production cost for companies, and increasing the citizen welfare for local governments. These innovations allow public and private players to harvest an enormous variety of data, in near real-time, and to store and process it within the Cloud.

In parallel to the development of new technologies for the transport and storing of the data, there has been a growth of methods to process this huge amount of data, with the aim to reduce costs and to increase the efficiency and the reliability. These methods encompass Automation, Statistics, but also Artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms.

At Aptus, we have started developing solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to answer some of our customers needs. For example, we use AI with computer vision to obtain useful metrics, like the attendance on certain locations, information on the traffic or the presence of anomalies. These solutions are great as they make the harvesting of these metrics being autonomous (no operators needed) and being totally continuous. Tough there is an operator on the far end, who receives alerts or the obtained metrics, his tasks are not the same as if he had to monitor the video streams himself.