A smart "data-processing" environment that offers real-time insights to Vyncke and the end customer.

Microsoft Azure, ReactJS, TSI, Azure functions


Vyncke is a dynamic leading family business that has grown into a global player in clean energy technology. Vyncke is based worldwide and employs more than 400 'Vynckeneers'. This energy technology company takes place with their customers (worldwide there are already over 4000!) incinerators. In this way the customer can incinerate waste in the incinerators and gain energy from it.

Vyncke rang the bell at Aptus asking if we couldn't make the incinerators equipped with sensors smarter. In a biomass installation, 2500 variables are soon present. These sensors transmit data every 10 seconds. In an installation with 2500 variables, we already have 900,000 data points in 1 hour. We are talking about a lot of data that we need to capture.

We developed a platform where the different parameters were visualized at one central point. We also provided the possibility to take reports of each sensor of a machine. You can then compare these with others. The intention is to follow up the different data quickly and clearly. We have provided a logbook to display the alarms in one convenient place. There is also the possibility to add extra notes. We wanted to visualize the large amount of data in a clear platform. A lot of thought was given to make this as user-friendly as possible.

Behind the scenes!

Would you like to know more about how we handled this technically? Sander, our backend developer, tells in a blog how he tackled this challenge!


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