A smart showroom cabinet that focuses on the (digital) customer experience

PWA, ReactJS, dynamische LED-sturing, Wifi-connectiviteit


Unilin was founded in the 60's by some forty flax farmers. Since then, it has grown into a global player in the flooring industry, mainly known for Quick-Step floors. Meanwhile, the company already has over 5,000 employees and an annual turnover of over 1.59 Billion. Unilin can be found in Wielsbeke (HQ), America and Russia. Unilin is known for an innovative company that always wants to be that step ahead of its competitors.

Unilin, who has a large showroom in Wielsbeke, dreamed of a top brand experience in the showroom for the potential customer. As a customer you know the feeling. You go to a carpet store and you have to open 100 drawers for the perfect floor your tile, euh pad crosses.

As a client, you usually have an idea in advance of what you do and what you don't want at all. For example, you want a light or dark floor. You want rustic or rather neutral and you know in which room this floor should be. If you know all these things in advance, why do you have to open another 100 drawers?


Meet the smart showroom cabinet!

  1. There's a tablet in the showroom. The customer taps his preferences. The colour of the floor, the space where he comes, wide or slick planks, large grooves or narrow ones and so on!
  2. Based on these preferences, a LED lights up on the floors that qualify.

In this way, the client can choose the suitable floor in a more targeted, faster and more 'playful' manner.

We were looking for an experience for the customer. To let the customer discover the right floor for them in a fun, focused and playful way. With the LED's lighting up you get a reward effect and when you leave the showroom it's this that the customer remembers.

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