Q-masquerade, Tinder in the physical world based on scientifically based match-making

Twice & Q-Music
Custom hardware, IR, BLE, React Native, ReactJS


Twice is an event agency known for their renewed ideas and creative concepts. They are the link between dream and deed. At Twice, the impossible is possible. They can count many well-known companies among their references. That includes Q-music. For an event that Q-Music wanted to organise, they needed our expertise. Expertise that they did not have in-house.

Live Tinder! Swipe left, swipe right... Everyone undoubtedly knows the dating app Tinder. What if we convert this digital application to a live version? Twice and Q-music played with this idea. To tackle this extraordinary idea, they had already acquired a lot of knowledge in-house. Yet the 'hardware' hatch was missing. That's when Aptus' expertise came into the picture.

The participants receive an extensive questionnaire in advance which they have to fill in. On the basis of what they fill in, the computer uses an exceptional and complex algorithm to calculate the matches. These matches were placed on the hardware mask, which we also fully developed. We leave the rest to Cupid.

We received more than 18 000 registrations. From these, Q-music chose 300 randomly. These 300 lucky guys were invited to the (free) event and were allowed to look for their matches. The event was very well received and appeared in the press. Whether there will be a next edition is certainly not out of the question.

The role of Aptus


  • We took care of the hardware. The hardware was the most important part of the event. We were faced with several challenges that succeeded one by one. Also, the challenge was to make the hardware as small and light as possible as you wear the mask. For this we were looking for specific reliable vendors
  • Aptus took care of the design of the housing to which the hardware was attached. These 300 enclosures were printed by our in-house 3D printer.


  • We took care of the registration page with the corresponding questionnaire. The questionnaire with accompanying algorithm was drawn up together with an expert from the Blind Married programme.
  • After the end of the registration date we have calculated the matches.
  • The matches were loaded onto the mask at the event. To do this, we saw an application on the handheld. This way, the hostesses could work smoothly and no long queues were created.

The project had a lot in common with our expertise. We enjoyed putting our teeth into it and being challenged!


The Q-Masqurade was a great success. With only smiling faces and a special atmosphere. Curious? Take a look at the following links.




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