Kind & Gezin

Aaron, digital login system for childcare locations.

Kind en Gezin
PWA, ReactJS, schaalbare cloud architectuur, QR-code


Kind en Gezin is an agency of the Flemish government. Its mission is to actively contribute to the well-being of young children and their families. The new growth package that has been active since 1 January 2019 also belongs to Kind en Gezin.

The Groeipakket has been active since 1 January 2019. The Growth Package includes, for example, the former child benefit. This means that you will also receive a monthly child care allowance if your child goes to a childcare centre where no calculation is made on the basis of your income. This amount is calculated on the monthly presence of your cap in a childcare location.

Kind en Gezin wanted a registration platform that was easily accessible for everyone. A registration system that collects all data in a simple way and automatically sends it to Kind en Gezin on a monthly basis so that they can calculate the surcharge very easily. Because in some reception locations there is no reliable internet connection or sometimes no internet at all. There was also the question to let AARON work completely offline.

For this case, we opted for a PWA (progressive web application). Because this works on any device without much extra effort. It also has the advantage that it doesn't need updates to be installed by the user.

But how does AARON work concretely? How is it received at the childcare locations? You can see it all in this little movie that lasts a little longer than 1 minute.

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