Energy Lab Connect

Energy Lab came to Aptus with the request to build a platform to stimulate group sports in companies. They dreamed of a vibrant community where you can save points by completing challenges. In addition, it should be easy to participate in (group) events and win fun prizes. All this not for one client but they want to roll this out to a lot of other companies. Think of an NN, Baloise, Aveve and so much more!

Energy Lab
Azure, AKS, ReactJS, MongoDB, wearables


Energy Lab kwam naar Aptus met de vraag om een ​​platform te bouwen om groepssporten in bedrijven te stimuleren. Ze droomden van een levendige gemeenschap waar je punten kan sparen door uitdagingen te voltooien. Daarnaast moet het gemakkelijk zijn om aan (groeps) evenementen deel te nemen en leuke prijzen te winnen. Dit alles niet voor 1 klant maar ze willen dit uitrollen naar heel wat andere bedrijven. Denk hiervoor aan een NN, Baloise, Aveve en nog zoveel meer!

Developing a health platform was not unknown territory for us. We had already walked this path for another side. With 'Energy Lab Connect' we created a user-friendly and accessible platform to make employees in companies more active. They can do this on the basis of training programmes and sports challenges in which they compete with each other, individually or in teams. Companies that wish to do so can also link nutritional advice to encourage their people to pursue a healthy lifestyle. This generic platform can be adapted by Energy Lab for each company depending on its specific requirements.

We have ensured that information from external platforms (Garmin, Fitbit, Strava, Runkeeper, Start2Run and Moves) can be effortlessly retrieved and transmitted to the Energy Lab Connect platform. So you can keep wearing your favorite activity tracker!

By participating in challenges you can save points in the platforms. These points can then be exchanged for (sports) prizes. Working this out demanded a lot of talent from our Aptus employees.

The strengths?

  • Microservices architecture based on Docker, Cubernetes running on the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Intelligent processes running on NodeJS
  • Configurable and multi-tenant front-end application based on ReactJs
  • Automated testing
  • Performance monitoring

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