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V2X and the car of the future

This ingenious communication system can saves lives on the road!

What is V2X?

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) is a vehicular communication system that supports transferring information from a vehicle to moving parts of the traffic system that may affect the vehicle. The primary purpose of V2X technology is to improve road safety and traffic efficiency on the roads.

Source: CFI Team

How does V2X work? 

In a V2X communication system, the information travels from the vehicle sensors and other sources through high-bandwidth, high-reliability links, allowing it to communicate with other cars, infrastructure such as parking spaces and traffic lights, and smartphone-tossing pedestrians.

The technology improves the driver's awareness of potential dangers by sharing information, such as speed, with other entities around the vehicle. 

It helps reduce the severity of injuries, road accident fatalities, and collisions with other vehicles.

The technology also enhances traffic efficiency by warning drivers of upcoming traffic, suggesting alternative routes to avoid traffic, and identifying available parking spaces.

What is the technology behind it?

The key components of V2X technology include V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure). V2V allows vehicles to communicate with other vehicles on the road, while V2I allows vehicles to communicate with external entities, such as traffic lights, parking spaces, cyclists, and pedestrians.

When V2X systems are integrated into traditional vehicles, drivers can receive important information about the weather patterns, nearby accidents, road conditions, road works warning, emergency vehicle approaching, and activities of other drivers using the same road.

Autonomous vehicles equipped with V2X systems may provide more information to the existing navigation system of the vehicle. The systems also make it possible for autonomous vehicles to scan the surrounding environment and make immediate decisions based on the information received. 

@Iotceo, Alexander Vanwynsberghe explains more in this video:

@theiotceo V2X is a communication system that allows vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure around them. #iot #v2x #iotceo #technews #updates ♬ origineel geluid - The IoT CEO

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