Aptus on the trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen

On 26 November 2020, the 'Trefdag digitaal Vlaanderen' will take place again. With Aptus, we already help several local governments, so of course we can't miss this event either. Together with our client Limburg.net, we will present our 2 cases in a video/podcast interview.

How can you find us?

ls you in the virtual lobby, click on CRONOS Public Service Logo. Now you are in the Cronos virtual room. Click on the Aptus Logo and click on "Let's Talk". We see each other "Live" via a Microsoft Teams video call. Authier and Jo are eager to get to know you better 😉 (ps: our sister company Suivo is also present. Looking for a smart IoT asset management platform? Definitely check it out)

The trefdag

In the auditorium of Informatie Vlaanderen and the auditorium for partners the live sessions take place. But there is much more to see.

There will be 8 halls:

  1. Auditorium Information Flanders: talk to colleagues, follow live sessions, watch videos and listen to their podcasts.
  2. City of Ghent: immerse yourself in the ICT ecosystem of the city of Ghent
  3. Cronos Public Services: find out what Cronos Public Services can do for our digital society (You can also find Aptus here).
  4. Microsoft-Village: visit Microsoft partners and view their video messages
  5. Sandbox Flanders: discover the innovative ideas of these start-ups and follow their showcases from 2pm to 3.30pm.
  6. Exhibition floor: visit our partners and network with them and each other
  7. Auditorium Partners: follow the live sessions of the partners
  8. Library: all videos and podcasts of the Encounter Day collected in 1 place

Sign up now


Sign up via the link above. After validation you will receive a confirmation of your registration. A few days before the event, we will send you a reminder with a personal link to the congress platform. With this link you can take a look directly. Maybe you want to change your profile and choose your avatar. You will also see your avatar in the lobby. Who knows, you might already find other curious people there...